Institut für Pathologie der Universität Regensburg - ZBR/BRoTHER


The BRoTHER project is an interactive, interregional biobank-network in the centre of Europe, with the aim to facilitate the interaction and cooperation of biobanks through digitalisation, the standardisation of biobank-infrastructures, effective international cooperation and active exchange of experiences.

The vision of the project is to develop a digital biobanking-system to enable the exchange of histological image data and its interactive evaluation. The BRoTHER network focuses on the implementation of methods and procedures for the storage of tissue samples and liquid samples from laboratory diagnostics and molecular biology. Due to the connection with the biobanks of the Technical University of Munich, the Masaryk University Brno and the University Hospital Pilsen, the individual locations can access a broader database. Hence, the network provides the possibility for multicentric studies.

Another pillar of the network is the student exchange. Almost all medical students will encounter the work of biobanks in their future careers as physicians or researchers. Therefore, the BRoTHER network advocates that biobanking and precision medicine is integrated in the curriculum of medical students. Finally, BRoTHER aims to give insights into the work of biobanks and tries to inform the public to create a better understanding of its importance.


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